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Organic wheatgrass 2000 pcs

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Organic wheatgrass 2000 pcs

Sku: 32033
Content: 2000 pcs

Delivery Time: 2-3 days

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price €116.62

Inhalt: 1 kg
=€91.30 / 1 kg
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  • EU Bio Siegel
  • Eco zertifiziert
  • Vegan
  • Bio nach EG-Öko-Verordnung

Manufacturer: GSE Vertrieb GmbH, Saarbrücken
Certification: DE-ÖKO-005, Deutsche Landwirtschaft

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„Cereal grass can easily be grown. The nutritional concentration of cereal grasses depends on where they are grown, when they are harvested and how they are processed and stored.“ – Ron Seibold Barley and wheat grass are dark green vegetables with a wide range of ingredients. The grass is cultivated according to the directives of organic agriculture in certified nutrient-rich soil. It is especially taken care that there is no contamination by surrounding cultivated fields. The fields are far away from any transport or industry thus, any pollution from exhaust fumes or dust is excluded. Immediately after harvest the cereal grasses are carefully processed. The cereal grasses are exclusively cultivated in certified organic soils. Thanks to a sustainable and careful cultivation these soils are especially rich in nutrients. A high quality manuring is achieved by crop rotation and green manures. Barely grass and wheat grass are offered as powder which is obtained by drying and pulverising the entire plant. No additives or carrier substances are used and no components are withdrawn. Thus one gets a finished product of high quality in its natural composition. The cereal grasses are harvested precisely at the moment when their leaves and young shoots offer the maximum nutritional concentration.


4 tablets 3 times daily respectively 1 teaspoon of powder 3 times daily

Wichtiger Hinweis:

Die angegebene empfohlene tägliche Verzehrmenge darf nicht überschritten werden. Nahrungsergänzungen ersetzen keine ausgewogene und abwechslungsreiche Ernährung sowie eine gesunde Lebensweise.Außerhalb der Reichweite von Kindern aufbewahren. Kühl und trocken lagern.

100g contains on average:
energy: 1056kj /256 kcl
fat: 3,6 g
— saturated fatty acids: 0,87 g
— monounsaturated fatty acids: 0,34 g
— polyunsatureated fatty acids: 2,35 g
carbohydrates: 11,6 g
— sugar: 4,62 g
roughage: 53,1 g
protein: 17,7 g
salt: 0 g
6g contains on average:
energy: 63,00kj/ 15,00 kcal
fat: 0,22g
— saturated fatty acids: 0,05g
— monounsaturated fatty acids: 0,02g
— polyunsatureated fatty acids: 0,14g
carbohydrates: 0,70g
— sugar: 0,28g
roughage: 3,19g
protein: 1,06g
salt: 0g

organic wheat grass

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